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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Earth Day Tree planting at Barr Creek on 4-22-12

Our Earth-Day tree planting outing this year was a big success.  We had over 20 volunteers come out to Barr Creek to participate.  A total of 160 native potted plants were planted as well as over 300 live stakes of Willow and Cottonwood. The chapter received a matching grant from the Washington State council of Trout Unlimited for the purchase of the plants and materials for this years work.  Trout Unlimited members, family and friends helped to plant the trees and other plants, cut back the blackberries, install anti-beaver fencing, and pound in the live stakes.  It was a hot sunny day and everyone seemed to have a good time getting involved.  The kids got involved too, it was great to see the interest that they shared for helping our environment. The North-Shore chapter has been working to restore Barr and Kissey creeks for over 15 years now and the project is really paying off.  Some of the trees are getting over 40 feet high and the area is really blossoming up with the native plants. There were lots of baby Coho and other fish swimming around as we worked.  Thank you to all our hard working volunteers for making this years planting a great event.  We will be continuing the work again this fall and next year.
Thanks everyone!

Chris Tompkins

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