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Monday, February 20, 2012

Solduc Outing 2012

The chapter hosted a Steelhead outing on the beautiful Solduc river near Beaver Washington in February 2012.  We had 12 members participate with 4 boats floating the river, one group fished the Bogachel.  The weather was good this year and just about everyone hooked or caught a Steelhead, most were wild fish and released carefully, one fish was a hatchery fish which went was kept.  We camped on the upper river and had a big social pot luck on Saturday night, the food was great, lots of meat and good eats.  This is annual event and we also do a Salmon outing in the fall each year on "the Duc".  Good times for all that came!  Thank you to Ron T. for providing us a great spot to camp on the river.

Skykomish Outing

Our Skykomish outing this year (2012) was fun, but pretty cold with all the snows we had.  We had about 15 members that had signed up but the heavy snow prevented most from coming, regardless we had 4 members show up and do some fishing at Johns Cabin on the upper Sky.  No fish were harmed (or caught) but the food was awesome and John showed us where to go.  Thank John for the fun time at your cabin, I hope we can put together another outing up there, its a fantastic place to fish.
Here are are few pics.
Fish on!