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Rasmussen Creek

The Northshore Chapter is helping with a restoration project at Rasmussen Creek in Duvall Washington. This project is managed by the Snoqualmie tribe on a private dairy farm, and is also partnered with the Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust 
The Greenway Trust and the Snoqualmie Tribe are working collaboratively with Cherry Valley Dairy to help repair and restore the salmon habitat that runs adjacent to the farm. This large scale project involves removing a series of rock dams, adding stream bed gravel to promote channel stability, and installation of livestock exclusion fencing and a fish friendly bridge crossing. The work involves creating a 2,000 linear foot riparian buffer along the creek, which will help native trees and shrubs to establish themselves, creating a healthier Coho salmon and trout habitat. Volunteers will be planting a variety of different native trees and shrubs that will provide the shade, cover, and food supply that salmon need to thrive.
There will be ongoing plantings at this site through the winter in 2013-2014. If you’re interested in helping out with the project please go to the Mountains to Sound Greenway website for updates on planting dates. This is a great project to benefit wild salmon and steelhead.

Northshore member Jack Johnson

These logs will provide habitat for fish eventually.

Over 2000 plants to dig in.

Dave Stiener 

Jack Johnson and a new friend plant trees

Jack J.

Jack J.

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